Commercial Roll Laminators

Excelam Plus 355R & 655R Roll Laminator

The Excelam-Plus 355R & 655R is a full-featured 13″ and 25″ roll laminator suitable for print and copy shops with digital commercial printers. It has the latest hot roller technology ensuring high quality, bubble-free lamination. It’s digital LCD display allows easy adjustment of temperature and speed settings, together with the 9-program memory function for repeat quick set-ups.

Excelam-Plus 355R & 655R is perfect for your printing shop because it can do multiple jobs such as single-side or dual-side hot lamination, cold lamination, mounting, and digital sleeking (spot glossy). It also has multi-step pressure control device, which controls roller tension depending on the type of the material you will use.

With its capability to control temperature for top and bottom rollers, it is indeed the excellent machine for laminating posters, ink-jet printouts, stickers, leaflets, maps, book covers, photo books, and other advertising prints.

Surelam Pro 500D Roll Laminator

Surelam Pro 500D is a high-speed laminator enhanced with the supreme combination of the heat shoe and hot roller system that works with all of the industry standard films. It is designed for commercial printing shops where speed of lamination is critical.

This laminator is a very tough, fast, versatile laminating machine suitable for single or double-sided lamination. Surelam Pro roll laminator will laminate sheets as fast you can feed them. The adjustable temperature control provides the perfect setting for a professional quality output with an elegant finish.

Combining heat shoe and hot roller technology, the Surelam Pro is intended to optimize the adhesive properties of the film being used, handling all industry standard films from between 25 and 500 micron. Incorporating a de-curling device for single side laminating as well as a top and bottom film alignment system, the Surelam Pro Series operates at a highly competitive speed of up to 7 meters per minute.

With fully adjustable temperature, speed, roller pressure and film tension, as well as a turbo cooling system and interchangeable laminating rolls, this machine would be well suited to busy copy and print shops.

Excelam Plus 1400 & 1600 Cold Laminator

Excelam-Plus 1400 and 1600 are GMP’s full-featured 55″ and 60″ wide format cold laminators designed to perform and built to last with their advanced features allowing lamination, mounting, and encapsulation on one platform. This easy to use machine can be fully operated by one person only.

This wide format cold laminating machine is the perfect for a wide range of applications such as roll-up banners, vehicle wraps, window graphics, board mounts, signs, exhibition graphics, stickers, and other large format prints that need lamination using heat-sensitive films.

Features of the Excelam-Plus 1400 & 1600 include high-speed lamination up to 5M/min, variable speed control system, pressure adjustment handle, mounting up to 13mm thickness, back trimmer, foot pedal for easy operation for large size lamination, and optical safety system.

Excelam Q1670RS Large Format Laminator

GMP Excelam Q1670RS is 65-inch, versatile hot and cold roll laminator designed for wide format prints. This machine produces superb laminating results on a wide range of standard hot and cold laminating films. It incorporates top and bottom heated rollers with independent heat controls allowing for single-side or dual-side hot lamination, and cold lamination.

It features a roller gap control that accommodates mounting up to 13mm in thickness, a user-friendly keypad that allows the operator to easily adjust speed and temperature, an auto shutoff and standby functions for energy efficiency, a swing film shaft for easy loading, programmable settings for repeat jobs and more.

Excelam Q1670RS offers a user-friendly, high quality, cost effective laminating solution for both beginners and experts. The digital touch pads with variable temperature and speed controls keep users on track. Its microprocessor controls, infrared heated rollers and cooling fans deliver affordable solutions for efficient and consistent finishing.


Protopic Plus-520 AF20 Automatic Commercial Laminator

The superior fully automated, high speed laminating solution with the perfect adhesion for all kinds of printed material. The Protopic Plus-520 AF20 is a heavy duty, user-friendly machine capable of running fully automated lamination. Protopic can do all the work  producing results, quickly and efficiently, which makes this machine ideal for busy, fast-paced copy shops or print house.

The Protopic incorporates a pneumatically controlled automatic overlay feeding table with a perforator, film trimmer, rewinder and burster. Fast an easy to use, the compact design makes the Protopic an ideal machine. Changing the film roll is effortless and this machine is built to last, designed for long runs at high speed. As an option, Protopic also provides elegant embossing results during running.

Ultra Lamitrim Trimmer

Ultra Lamitrim equipment is designed for faster, hassle-free and convenient way of cutting and trimming your prints. The Ultra lamitrim uses a very durable, long lasting rotary blade that sharpens automatically whenever you use it. Because of its rotary blade, it can cut from hair-like thickness up to double-sided laminated products.

With Ultra Lamitrim, precise cutting and trimming in just one move.

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